“Sonosfera” Association and MasConsulting firm – Department of Art & Business have the pleasure to invite you to the first edition of the International Summer Academy of Art, which will be held in Poland, in Sopot from 16-23 July 2011. The main idea of the Summer Academy of Arts is the integration of fine arts: music, painting and photography. There will be run various of workshops helping people to develop their skills and potential as well as open to public exhibitions and lectures on art and philosophy. In parallel to the Academy, there will be held Music Festival “Sonosfera.

This year music course will be focused on the interpretation and innovative techniques of classical music, using period instruments such as baroque violin, baroque cello, traverso flute, baroque oboe and harpsichord, as well as solo singing class and chamber ensembles. There will be also classes on classical and romantic quartet.

The course is intended primarily for young students at the age of about 17-25 years, students of music schools, music academies and universities, people who are at the beginning of their artistic career, seeking to broaden their knowledge on a stylish interpretation of classical pieces.

Painting and drawing course is open to everybody who wants to start to learn this discipline of art as well for those who have some artistic aspirations and wishing to broaden their horizons and looking for their way of self expression.

Photography course is for those you are already aware of photography, who knows the basics of analog or digital photography, looking for artistic inspirations and direction. This course is design to be more than ordinary photography course and will focus on the form of consultation, creative discussions about the concept and meaning of art in photography and art as whole. There will be joint analysis of pictures – artistic discussions in order to build awareness of the arts.