Piotr Orawski – Music – integration of fine arts

Prof. Krzysztof Leśniewski – Human being as a creator

Dr Agnieszka Wolińska-Skuza – Thinking as Leonardo da Vinci

Magdalena Łoś – Komarnicka – How and what for listing to the music 


Workshop topics:

Taking care of the instruments – practical information

How to deal with stress during public performance

Concentration – the art of deliberate management attention

Yoga – a way to increase self-awareness and peace of mind


Art Courses tutores:

Painting/drawing – Marta Zawadzka

 Photography – Remik Biernacki


Music Courses tutores:

Solo voice – Marek Rzepka

Baroque violine/viola – Pauline Nobes

Baroque cello  – Mark Caudle

Harpsichord – Nicholas Parle

Baroque oboe – Rafael Gabriel Przybyła

Basson – Tomek Wesołowski

Traverso flute – Karolina Zych

Classical quartet/chamber music classes – Arek Goliński

Romantic quartet – Anna Wolińska