The concept of the Summer Academy of Art – Sopot 2011 is to show integration of art disciplines and how all art disciplines can influence each other. There will be three main disciplines: Music, Painting/drawing and Photography. Besides master classes there will be lectures, workshops, yoga classes, concerts, performance platform and others.

Please see the attachment of planed agenda.


Early Music Course – classes of interpretation of baroque and classical music, giving young musicians the possibility of facing the latest trends in performance of this music in the world. The international team of tutors for the following instruments will conduct master classes:

- Violin / viola baroque

- Baroque cello / viola da gamba

- Flute traverso,

- Baroque oboe,

- Baroque bassoon

- Harpsichord / basso continuo

- Classical quartet

- Romantic and contemporary quartet


Photo, painting / drawing courses give unique possibility of communing with the art for those who are not bound by every day with these art forms, allowing the confrontation of their achievements in this field, and for those who do not yet have a definite area of artistic interest – giving the opportunity to find own way. During the workshop of painting and drawing, participants will learn: rules of composition, perspective, light / shadow, different techniques of painting and drawing.

Photo Workshop is a joint search for art in photography, regardless of the technical skills and type of practiced photography. In this course, participants will not deal with the basics of photography but the consciousness of the creative photographer, allowing performing better and more interesting artistic pictures. The aim of the workshop is to confront two different ways of thinking about photography – photography that is commercial and artistic photography. Our goal is to present photography as “a meaning of recording reality.” Through the presentation of different attitudes: art and advertising, to show photography as an independent field of art, which is not limited to the registration of the existing reality, but in its diversity takes on various meanings. We are committed to the liberation of discussion among students. Workshops will be conducted based on individual consultations and meetings / lectures, on which we will discuss the most interesting work carried out during the workshop. 
 In addition, students will have the opportunity to learn ways of recording a photographic image on analogue and digital media, and to familiarize with the work of professional studio equipment.


Open lectures and workshops in the field of art and philosophy of art. The task of these lectures is to present a wide audience the issues related to art, showing the impact the art has had on the development of spiritual and cultural context in today’s Europe.  



Piotr Orawski – Music – integration of fine arts

Prof. Krzysztof Leśniewski – Human being as a creator

Dr Agnieszka Wolińska-Skuza – Thinking as Leonardo da Vinci

Magdalena Łoś – Komarnicka – How and what for listing to the music 


Workshop topics:

Taking care of the instruments – practical information

How to deal with stress during public performance

Concentration – the art of deliberate management attention

Yoga – a way to increase self-awareness and peace of mind